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Home Church Network

Welcome Home!

We are a Small Group Church Network.

But what does this mean?

Each week, dozens of people from the Harbour church family meet together in small groups of between 10-20 to share with one another, encourage one another and dig into God's Word together.

On Sunday mornings we meet as follows:

10AM - Corporate Worship Time

11AM - Small Groups (Everyone is welcome)


Our small/home group format has become our main form of meeting, teaching and discipleship. It has allowed us to develop a more focused discipleship model, build a stronger sense of connection, community and family, allowed so many individuals the opportunity to share their great gifts and talents, wisdom and insights and has made room for great discussion and prayer times.

In light of the fact that more than 50 times in the New Testament the phrase "one another" or "each other" is used...

and because we are commanded to love each other, pray for each other, encourage each other, admonish each other, greet each other, serve each other, teach each other, accept each other, honor each other, bear each other’s burdens, forgive each other, submit to each other, be devoted to each other...

We see great value in having people participating in small groups.

We love it when people GET CONNECTED, GET DISCIPLED (Trained - Equipped - Released) & GET SUPPORTED

Welcome Home!

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